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Find out the location of your loved ones Find out your location

Findloca is an instant location tracking application designed to keep your loved ones safe.

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Real time Location tracking

Find out the instant locations of your loved ones or friends by phone number.

Instant get notifications

Receive real-time alerts when family or friends leave home, work or school.

Location History Reports

See where they've been, and where they've been in the past few weeks.

Battery States Notifications

We will send you notifications when your loved ones have less than 20% battery level. So you will be able to warn him.

In-app Messaging

Stay in touch using in-app messaging with a private chat channel.

Unlimited Location Adding

There is no limit to adding a Location in Find Loca. Add places you want from the map and get notifications for Location statuses

Messaging with Friends

Instant Messaging with People on Your Friends List or Contacts

In-App Messaging Excitement with Findloca!

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Find Out Battery Status!

Findloca Battery of the person you follow, find out the status!

Let The Battery Status Let You Notify!


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Finding a Location by Number!

You can find a location by phone number if you wish.

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Findloca is available in the following languages:

flag-icon English
flag-icon Deutsch
flag-icon Español
flag-icon Italiano
flag-icon Français
flag-icon 繁體中文
flag-icon Português
flag-icon Русский
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn frequently asked questions with Findloca here.

Yes. With the Find Loca application, you can follow your loved ones or friends by phone number.

Yes. If you have granted directory access, you can follow your contacts.

Yes. In the app, you can see people's location histories and where they went

There is no limit. Premium users can follow as many people as they want

Adding space is unlimited for Premium users. You can add as many places as you want

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